My Name is David, but you can call me Dave. Or David. Or... Josh. I make regular things terrible...

I'm a traditional painter and illustrator, designer, animator, wannabe comic book artist, and all around crazy person. My mediums of choice for my paintings are gouache and well ink slathered on with a paintbrush and fountain pens. I'm also no stranger to acrylics, markers, and colored pencils as well. I like to paint dark and surreal, yet colorful paintings sometimes bordering on the maccabre.

I also enjoy good TV, beer, cats, and a special blend of extreme metal, indie/folk music, and progressive rock. All of which influences my art... and helps get me drunk. (Cats, man. gets you drunk like you wouldn't believe.)

Anyway, enjoy the site. I hope you like what you see! If not, please let me know what I could do better. There's a really solid chance I won't listen to you.

Love, Dave