Hello! My Name is David Schuler...

My entire life has revolved around art in some form or another. When I was a kid, I drew all the time and got in trouble many times for drawing in class. I was most inspired by Calvin and Hobbes and various newspaper comics back in the mid 90’s.

My entire life was strictly fine arts, most notably ebony pencil and ink drawings, until that one faithful day in 2001 when I was 16- I first opened up a program called "Photoshop". From there I taught myself the program; at first using existing pictures and playing with layer effects and then eventually moving on to more complex photo manipulation and digitally coloring my drawings. After watching Pixar and the Lord of the Rings movies, embarked on trying my hand at 3D. That led me to art school where I got a proper education in design and animation eventually touching almost every Creative Suite program Adobe had to offer at the time as well as 3Ds Max and Maya. In college, I also taught myself how to build websites, and went more in-depth into the world of graphic design than my peers.

I unfortunately graduated college right as the Great Recession was about to hit and jobs in the animation field were scarce for new grads, so with no money or job prospects I was forced to move back home and work in the local drug store. But this didn’t stop me from persevering. I went back and refined my design skills, and began to get freelance clientele from local startups in the area where I was forced to step out of my comfort zone. I also took temp jobs at local large format print shops, screen press facilities, and even the Cleveland Plain Dealer where I got to put my Flash animation skills to work. The experience really helped me round out my skills and become a better designer.

Ultimately, it led me to my current position as one of the primary designers at Vendor’s Exchange. My extremely versatile knowledge of design, print, Flash and 3D animation and web have proven to be a huge asset to the company. Over the years there, I’ve had the opportunity to do vending machine wrap designs for many Influential companies such as Target, Mondelez, FedEx, Cintas, Apple, and The Y. Most recently, I’ve been put in charge of putting my 3D skills to work, by building 3D models of our entire stock of vending machines to be rendered out and used in our customer concepts, marketing materials, and animated advertising pieces.
I've been constantly striving to improve my skills not only in Photoshop, but in every art based program I come in contact with. This is represented below with a timeline of every portfolio website I've built since graduating college in 2007.

Art and design is my driving passion: My life decisions are based upon it and my long term goals revolve around it. I get the most joy out of making others happy with my work and I strive every day to be better than the best I can be.

I also have a slight obsession with music, reading, cats, TV shows, craft beer, and those funny lists on buzzfeed.